Dear Friends,

The aim of CC Forum is getting together leading institutional and private investors, policy makers, thought leaders and innovative startups united in their zeal to change the current economic paradigm and effectively make the world a better place. It is the only global investment forum which is entirely focused on sustainable development.

We firmly believe that in order for us to prosper a new type of entrepreneurs should be bread who would be more concerned with environmental and societal impact of their activities than with extracting a profit in the short term. Therefore our motto is “Invest sustainably”.

At a time of unprecented challenges that mankind is facing, CC Forum’a agendas deal with the most pressing issues including climate change, renewable energies, waste management, healthcare and wellbeing, education, philanthropy and social inclusion.

CC Forum provides its participants with a unique opportunity to consider the ways in which government strategies, emerging technologies and investment opportunities can be put to good use for the sake of humanity  and our planet.

Max Studennikoff
Chairman & Founder
CC Forum