Organising committee

  • Max Studennikoff

    A serial entrepreneur, resident in France with an MBA degree from London, Max has been in business for almost 25 years. He set up and successfully developed a number of start-ups in such areas as international events management, property development, hospitality and education. Max is currently organising a series of high profile conferences across the globe. These are to highlight the pressing issues humanity and the planet are facing today and to innovate for the challenges of the future.

  • Еric Brundage

    Eric Brundage, Owner of Monaco Life and CEO at Sand Spring Partner. We are trusted advisors to families and family offices on a fairly broad spectrum of issues. Our core competency is to work with families and family offices (in a number of jurisdictions) with respect to wealth transfer and wealth accumulation tax issues. We also work closely with our clients on specific alternative and non-correlated investment strategies

  • Steven O’Brien

    Steven O’Brien is a widely published writer, academic, journalist. He is Editor of The London Magazine, Britain’s oldest literary journal (est. 1732). His current roles also include Secretary General of the G20 Foundation, Trustee of the Patrons of the Vatican Art Treasures, Advisor to the Vatican’s Institute of Human Dignity, Advisor to the Centre for Issues and Crisis Management and Peace Ambassador for Iraq.

  • Justin Doherty

    Justin specialises in campaigns and complex issues, helping leaders turn strategic ambition into long-lasting change. He chairs Hemington Consulting in London, renowned for handling the more challenging issues of the day.

  • Ahmed Refaie

    Ahmed Refaie, an Investment, Asset & Wealth Seasoned Professional, Business Strategist and Marketing Strategy Formulator, with over 13 years compounded experience across multiple industries and sectors in addition to a cutting edge exposure to different fields through coaching and executive education conducted for senior executives, professional practitioners and C suite level cabinets at high flying institutions and organizations. As a Financial Therapist and a Strategic Investment Architect he was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to be educated and qualified at an international standard with world class credentials and qualifications, as well as having the opportunity to look over the shoulders of global high end profiles such as Goldman Sachs, Accenture, Citadel, UBS, BNY Mellon, AXA, Standard Chartered, among others. Wide span over the Family Office Setup and Operation advising, and planning for Sovereign Funds in the GCC region,Corporate VC Funds, M&A Brokerage, Pension Fund for a Telecom Giant, Hedge Fund Startup in the Caribbean, Hedge Fund Due Diligence, Silent Private Investments for Ultra High Net Worth Individuals and Families from global major jurisdictions. Being a CFA 3 Levels instructor giving a Gold Standard full fledged expertise in this lucrative industry, instructing Trade Finance, and lecturing on Investment & Portfolio Management, Non Banking Financial Services, Technical Analysis, Banking, FX Trading, Treasury, and Business Administration at a number of Training and Consultancy Houses, and Universities, conducted over 400 teaching hours. Deep detailed experience in Marketing, Facility Management, Event Organisation, and Sponsorship Announcements at various private beaches and international venues across the MENA region for regional and international stars, with cooperation across Cairo, Alexandria, Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada, Beirut, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi, with exposure to USA, Latin America, and Europe, closed deals with PEPSICO, Levi's, Adidas, Timberland, Vodafone, to name a few.

  • Tatiana Popova

    Serial entrepreneur, PhD in Economics, Tatiana received a diverse education in international economics and mathematics in four countries - Austria, Switzerland, UK and Russia. She worked for more than five years at the leading investment bank VTB Capital in London and founded companies in business aviation, water transport and logistics. Supervisor of the shipbuilding project “Arctic Green Shipping - SLCP Mitigation” in cooperation with the Arctic Council.
    Founder and president of the annual World Charity Forum and World Charity Award. The Forum aims to unite the countries of the world to solve global humanity issues and combine philanthropy and charity initiatives of all participating countries.